Success Stories

Success Story: Steel Furnace Combustion Efficiency Using O2 Measurement

The steel furnace in operation uses natural gas fuel, so it is important to assess the current condition of the furnace to implement a monitoring system to achieve combustion efficiency.

Our customer target is to get a 3% volume of oxygen (O2) level during operation and obtain combustion efficiency through air to fuel ratio.

Accurate O2 measurements with high data availability are necessary for this monitoring condition. This can be achieved with O2 measurement equipped with an auto-purging system using instrument air, that performs a 15-minute auto-cleaning purge sequence to remove any buildup of unwanted mist or particulates in the O2 sensor probe.


One Gasmaster is committed to providing high-quality products. We achieve this through various means such as using rigorous testing and quality control processes. We carried out an investigation and recommended O2 measurement with an auto-cleaning purge sequence as it would be a good option to get efficient combustion with the O2 level indicator. The reliability of the O2 measurement system not only satisfies the user, but having a maintenance-free O2 measurement system is a significant advantage too as it reduces the need for regular maintenance, which can save time and money.

Impacts and benefits

Overall, combustion efficiency is an important goal for the user as it leads to a range of benefits related to cost savings and environmental impact. Consistent combustion helps maintain stable production and product quality, as well as reduce the emission of pollutants which negatively impact the environment and health. Optimising the combustion process reduces natural gas consumption which contributes to lower overall operating costs.