Accredited Calibration

ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory Services

Accredited by Standards Malaysia SAMM No: 394

Our skilled experts provide reliable calibration lab services to extend our customers’ equipment lifespan, minimise downtime, as well as restore confidence in quality, efficiency, and accuracy. We also offer maintenance and repair services for the systems supplied, delivering trusted solutions to maximise functionality and boost performance.

Our calibration laboratory services include:

Acoustic Equipment Calibration
– Noise Dosimeter
– Sound Level Meter
– Sound Calibrator
– Audiometer
– Audiometric Booth (On-site)

Gas Monitoring Equipment Calibration
– Portable Gas Detector
– Fixed Gas Detection System
– Gas Analyser System

Temperature & Humidity Calibration
– Temperature Sensor
– Temperature Measuring Equipment
– Temperature & Humidity Meter/ Thermohygrometer (Lab)
– Thermometer
– Temperature Enclosure (On-site)

Pressure Calibration
– Pressure Meter/Digital Pressure Meter
– Pressure Gauge
– Differential Pressure Gauge

Mass Calibration
– Weighing Balance (On-site)

Traceable Calibration and Testing
– Gas Sensor Functional Check and Bump Test
– Service Maintenance of Industrial Hygiene Pump

Verification/Non-accredited Calibration
– Lux /Illuminance (Lux Meter)
– Laser Distance Meter
– IR Thermometer
– Safety Valve
– Blood Pressure Monitor
– Standard Weight/Test Weight