Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

One Gasmaster is dedicated to transparency, honesty, fairness, and accountability in its business operations. To uphold these values, we have established a Whistleblowing Policy. This policy allows all employees and members of the public to report concerns or improper conduct within the company.

This policy covers any wrongdoing, including illegal activities or violations of our code of conduct. It applies to all Directors, employees, business associates, shareholders, and third parties associated with the company.

The policy aims to inform management of misconduct, protect those who report concerns in good faith, and foster a culture of openness and integrity.

Improper conduct includes acts, including but not limited to the following:-
a) Fraudulent case;
b) Dishonesty, corruption, bribery, blackmail;
c) Failure to comply with any legal/regulatory obligation;
d) Breach of Policies, Procedures, law, rules and regulation;
e) Abuse of Power;
f) Sexual Harassment; and/or
g) Or Other Acts of Wrong Doing.

We ensure the confidentiality of whistleblowers and their information. Reports must be made in good faith, with a reasonable belief in their truthfulness.

We may revoke protection and confidentiality if:-
a) The whistle blower participated in the wrongdoing; or
b) The whistle blower is frivolous and vexatious; or
c) The disclosure was made with the intention or motive to avoid dismissal or other disciplinary action against the whistle blower.

Whistleblowing Requirements
The reports should be submitted with the following:-
a) Details of the whistle blower
b) Type of activity/product
c) Details of suspected personnel involved
d) Details of incident including date, time and location of the event
e) Photo/Documentary evidence

Reporting Procedures
Any concern raised should be reported to the Managing Director/General Manager:
Attention: Managing Director / General Manager
ivantan@onegasmaster.com / cat@onegasmastser.com

Review of the Policy
We will periodically review this Whistleblowing Policy to ensure its relevance and compliance with laws and regulations.

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