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We are delighted to introduce our Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing Training programme, a comprehensive course designed to ensure workplace safety and compliance. We are proud to announce that our programme has received approval from HRD Corp, making it an eligible course for reimbursement.


Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing Training (QNRFT) is a course designed to ensure that individuals wearing respirators have a proper fit for protection against harmful airborne contaminants.

QNRFT is considered the most accurate fit testing method, using data to calculate the fit factor. Participants in the training learn how to conduct quantitative fit testing procedures accurately and safely.


To ensure that individuals who wear respirators have a proper fit to protect them from harmful airborne contaminants.

Participants are expected to know how to choose the correct type of respirator, and passing a real-time quantitative respirator fit test proves that the facepiece is sized and donned correctly.



  1. Introduction
  2. Basic of Respirator
  3. Basics of Respirator Fit Test
  4. Standards / Regulations on Fit Testing
  5. Defining Quantitative Fit Test
  6. Fit Testing Exercise
  7. Practical Session on Fit Testing


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