Knowledge Sharing: Audiometric Testing Awareness

In Malaysia, the most reported case in DOSH is Occupational Noise-Related Hearing Disorders (ONRHD). These reported cases may be due to increased awareness among employees and employers to report diseases, indicating an increasing trend in occupational diseases. The effects of ONRHD are cumulative, permanent, and irreversible. Moreover, the financial implications of ONRHD are borne by employees, their families, employers, and the government.

According to ICOP 2019 regulations, audiometric testing is a mandatory component. Therefore, we are here to share our knowledge on audiometric testing training.

Additionally, we possess the capability to calibrate audiometers and audio booths that comply with ISO 8253 standards and are accredited with ISO 17025 by Standard Malaysia.

The ICOP is a legally binding document that fulfills the requirements under the Regulations. It aims to provide practical guidance on compliance with and implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health (Noise Exposure) Regulations 2019.

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